[osg-users] How to ensure stable execution of the GPU?

Alf Inge Iversen alf-inge at autosim.no
Sat Jul 19 06:58:42 PDT 2008

OK, I guess I have to accept that.

The computers are pretty much cleaned up according to unneeded services,
as their only task is to run as image generators.

Can I interpret your answer as: "No, there are no ways to control the
start of the GPU execution from the OSG API." ?

-Alf Inge

Robert Osfield wrote:
> As I mentioned in the previous thread, the position of the GPU stats
> is just an estimate, because the GPU stats extension only times
> duration between two timing token, not the absolute time that either
> were actually made.  I therefore have to estimate the position given
> the only fixed times that we know about i..e when the timing tokens
> were received and when they were first dispatched.  So please don't
> read too much into their absolute position, the glitch you are seeing
> is most likely just a symptom of something else wrong.
> Now glitches in the frame rate is a problem that you will need to
> address, there could be a range of reasons for it, it could be related
> to the rendering down on the GPU, or it could be a CPU bound issue on
> your app, or something unrelated - i.e. what the OS and other
> processes that are running on your machine.
> Which of these might it be... we'll it's impossible for me to say, one
> just has to test each possibility out in turn.  Start from the most
> likely candidates first, or perhaps just the easiest ones to discount.
>  The first thing I'd do is make sure as few other processes are
> running on the machine as possible, i.e. stuff like search tools that
> run periodically, or security tools etc.   Next up I'd look to process
> shifting from one core to another.
> Robert.

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