[osg-users] Vertex texture fetch in r600+ ATI cards

Marko Srebre marko_srebre at t-2.net
Sat Jul 19 06:14:13 PDT 2008

I realize this is a driver bug and not osg related, still I post this in 
hope this knowledge saves someone's precious time wondering why VTF 
makes things acting very weird.

For courageos ones venturing into ati glsl wonderland, this is what I 
have discovered. The unifrom name of the "baseTexture" from 
osgshaderterrain must be alphabetically before the "terrainTexture", as 
it is by default. So for example renaming the heightmap to 
"aterrainTexture" render the object white, while "cterrainTexture" works 
just fine.


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