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Thank you both.

I'm representing a laser beam which is aiming at the camera.  As a preliminary processing step, I'm rendering an image at the laser generator which shows it's cross-section and grabbing that frame.  Specialized software then computes the "bloom" of that in the observer's eye.  So, this step is merely positioning the laser in the scene.  The algorithm that follows is intelligent about distributing the incoming energy across the pixels, but it needs at least one pixel to appear (to give it a starting point).

I've implemented Jean-Sébastien's last suggestion, "node->setCullingActive(false)" on the MatrixTransform whose child is the image, but with no noticeable change.  Does this setting affect a node's children as well?  I've checked my viewing frustrum, and zFar is set to 3.0*(the scene node's getBound()).


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Hello Philip,

> I have thought of artificially moving it closer, or scaling it larger, 
> but I was wondering if there is, instead, some attribute I can give it 
> that says, "render me even if I'm small."

I imagine you mean that you don't want your node culled even if it's very small. You can turn off small feature culling for a camera:

   camera->setCullingMode(camera->getCullingMode() &

Note that this will not change that it will be culled if it's outside the viewing frustum. It's possible to turn off all culling on a camera, but that would be a big no-no performance wise. You can also set a node not to be culled at all:


But again, this is pretty bad and should only be done in desperate cases... What are you trying to achieve?

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