[osg-users] Rendering performance issues

Alf Inge Iversen alf-inge at autosim.no
Fri Jul 18 14:01:37 PDT 2008

Hi Robert,

The question I have is not about multithreading, but how to ensure
regular execution of the GPU. Fluctuating GPU execution is our problem,
which is closely related to the problem first described in this thread.
You mentioned multithreading as a possible solution, which I think is
not enough to ensure a stable GPU.

But you are right, I will start another thread on this particular issue.

Alf Inge

Robert Osfield wrote:

> Multi-threading is really out of scope of this thread so I suggest you
> start up a thread about this particular topic. Also please specify
> viewer usage/OS version/OSG version/hardware available etc.
> Robert.

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