[osg-users] (ask) pause the TrackballManipulator

Alberto Luaces aluaces at udc.es
Fri Jul 18 00:58:07 PDT 2008


El Viernes 18 Julio 2008ES 04:39:27 songbo_1220 escribió:
> hi, everyone!
> my english is very poor.
> i want to pause the TrackballManipulator several time for mouse to do other
> control thing, after the time, the TrackballManipulator continue, i see
> about the TrackballManipulator's correlation attribue, not find about
> pause's method. how can i do?  thanks!

You won't find any pause() method because you can select at any time another 
one that doesn't read the mouse movement. You can learn from the 
osgGA::KeySwitchMatrixManipulator, which sets one matrix manipulator or 
another depending on the numeric key you are pressing:

osgGA::KeySwitchMatrixManipulator *keyswitchManipulator = new 

keyswitchManipulator->addMatrixManipulator( '1', "First manipulator", new 
MyManipulator1 );
keyswitchManipulator->addMatrixManipulator( '2', "Second manipulator", new 
MyManipulator2 );

viewer.setCameraManipulator( keyswitchManipulator);

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