[osg-users] KdTree support now checked in

James Killian James_Killian at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 17 07:51:44 PDT 2008

You know, to be honest I never really cared about what the values meant, but
more about the percentage, and I probably should have showed the other
numbers to get a full picture.  Anyhow I found some info on what those
values are I'll paste here:

"In time-based profiling, the application to be analyzed is run at full
speed on the same machine that is running AMD CodeAnalyst.  Time-based
samples (collected at predetermined intervals) can be used to identify
possible bottlenecks, execution penalties, or optimization opportunities.

The numbers are called timer samples.  It is not often that I get
opportunities to optimize code, but I can say that I've had success with
this tool in the past.  One of the greatest moments it helped me was when I
was writing a reverb effect, and it identified the bottleneck being one line
of code (normalize), when I optimized that line it took a dramatic effect of
using 40% cpu to 2!

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> On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 1:31 PM, James Killian
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> > The actual data comes from using the Amd Code Analyzer, while running
> > game.
> But what do the values mean?  ms?  number of times called?  number of
> astronauts in orbit at any one time?
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