[osg-users] Problem setting a skydome

David Spilling david.spilling at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 01:32:55 PDT 2008


> skydome->setComputeNearFarMode(osg::CullSettings::DO_NOT_COMPUTE_NEAR_FAR).
> > a class osg::Camera inherits from

Sorry - missed a step. Put a Camera in above your skydome.

A solution that comes to my mind is to use a pair of cameras, one rendering
> the skydome with the setting you said, DO_NOT_COMPUTE_NEAR_FAR, and the
> other
> rendering the rest of the scene.

Exactly. That's what I do (although I control a bunch of other stuff in the
camera, like projection matrix, in order to avoid the later issues).

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