[osg-users] Cygwin compiled version from Svn will only load and convert osg files and not gif files - any thoughts?

Brian Keener brianklistacct at alltel.net
Mon Jul 14 09:23:38 PDT 2008

Jean-Sébastien Guay wrote:
> Hi Brian,
> > If I display an osg file (without the --image since it doesn't 
> > like that for an osg file) then I get the following output from gdb.
> I still wonder why you would want --image for an osg file? You say "it 
> doesn't like that for an osg file", but it's actually nonsensical. An 
> osg file is not an image... It's a saved scene graph (3D model or whatever).
> You need --image when you want osgviewer to load an image file (.gif, 
> .jpg, .png, etc.) with osgDB::readImageFile() and map it onto a quad.

I am sorry - I have confused you.  My only reason for the --image was so I was 
comparing apples to apples instead of apples to oranges.  Without the --image 
I could not get osgviewer to display anything but .osg files and I was trying 
to see how other plugins reacted on Cygwin.  Since osgconv only works with 
osg files even though it was handy and relatively simple for testing it was 
of no use because of the limitation.  By using the --image on osgviewer I was 
able to get other plugins to load and also to see that their plugins close 
appropriately but when displaying the .osg files (cow.osg for example) I have 
been able to determine that both cygwin_osgdb_osgd.dll and 
cygwin_osgdb_rgbd.dll get loaded and then on the close - the hang occurs when 
cygwin_osgdb_osgd.dll is closed. If cygwin_osgdb_rgbd.dll closes first then 
you can trace to the point cygwin_osgdb_osgd.dll would close but if 
cygwin_osgdb_osgd.dll closes first you never see the close start for 
cygwin_osgdb_rgbd.dll because the hang occurs before that.  Using other 
plugins with --image have allowed me to see the .gif, .rgb, .bmp, and .jpg all 
close normally.

Again I was just trying to get to common ground using various file types for 

Thanks and sorry for the confusion and I hope this helps explain my thought 


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