[osg-users] VPB generating terrain for multiple data files

John Vidar Larring larring at weatherone.tv
Mon Jul 14 05:35:02 PDT 2008

Hi J-S,

Have you tried Ben Discoe's VTBuilder 
(http://www.vterrain.org/Doc/VTBuilder/overview.html)? It _might_ be 
what you are looking for.

Best regards,
John Larring

Jean-Sébastien Guay wrote:
> Hi Robert,
>> Ideally should have data throughout your model to define all the
>> heights you require, if you have holes then all you can come if with
>> is an acceptable fudge for what this missing data might be.
> I know, I know... :-) I work with what our client provided, so I have to 
> fill in the gaps myself.
>> Perhaps
>> the easist way to provide this fudge would be to create a single dummy
>> DEM that covers the entire region and matches the elevations of the
>> tiles you have.  The actual data would then act is a high res inserts
>> to this base level DEM.
> Yes, that was the second option I mentioned.
> Any hints as to how to do that? I have the FWTools distribution, which 
> includes all gdal binaries, but if there's another tool that I could 
> use, please point me in the right direction.
> Ideally, I would like the base terrain to conform to the inserts at the 
> edges of said inserts, instead of having "steps" around the inserts... 
> So the tool used would probably need to interpolate between the tiles.
> I tried using gdal_merge.py, currently waiting for the terrain to 
> generate from the result of that (I can't use --TERRAIN, so it takes a 
> while)... But it doesn't interpolate, it just puts either NODATA or a 
> value you specify.
> Anyways, thanks for confirming my intuition.
> J-S

Best regards,

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