[osg-users] KdTree support now checked in

Jean-Sébastien Guay jean-sebastien.guay at cm-labs.com
Sun Jul 13 12:11:53 PDT 2008

Hello Rick,

> So my first question is about how I should try to cache the intersect 
> visitors?  Should I keep one around for each large ship (node passed in 
> to the getIntersections() function), or should I just make a single one 
> that is used over and over?

There's really no way I can answer this. You will have to try a few 
different possibilities, use a profiler and see if the bottleneck changes.

I have no idea what you do with your intersection tests. Do you need to 
do one test per frame per ship? Ten? As many as possible? In my case, my 
app needed to do shadow tests from the surface of every object, so I 
really needed to do as many intersections per second as possible. I 
profiled my app, and saw that creating a new Intersector and 
IntersectionVisitor each time was taking up significant time. So I used 
static instances that were reused, and that made the whole process faster.

If all you want to do is check intersections a few times per frame, you 
may not need to do that, because in your case the creation of the 
objects won't be significant. You have to profile and see.

> Next, how often should I call reset()?  Once for each big ship, or once 
> for each intersection check?  I do not see any setStart()/setEnd() 
> functions.  Please forgive my ognorance, but where are they and what do 
> they do?

If you re-use an Intersector or an InversectionVisitor, you need to call 
reset() on both before you do a new intersection test. This clears the 
results of the previous test.

osgUtil::LineSegmentIntersector::setStart() and setEnd() just change the 
start and end points of the line segment being used for the intersection 
test, without having to create a new LineSegmentIntersector. I submitted 
the change to add those methods around OSG 2.1.x time-frame, so if 
you're using 2.0 you won't have them, but if you're using 2.2+ you will.

> Finally, I am doing a few checks before I try the line segments to see 
> if they are even close to the node I am checking.  Is this worth the 
> check or does the intersectVisitor do that all for me anyway?

The IntersectionVisitor checks with the graph nodes' bounding volumes 
before going into the geometry itself, so you can probably just let it 
do its work. Generally, traversing the graph and checking bounding 
volumes is pretty fast (except if you have a very large number of nodes 
or if your graph is poorly built), it's doing the actual tests against 
geometry (line segment to triangle intersection test) that's slow 
(except with the new kd-tree... :-) ).

Hope this helps,

Jean-Sebastien Guay    jean-sebastien.guay at cm-labs.com

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