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My thesis was Dynamic Terrain (DT) some 15 years ago at Central Florida.
I was a GRA at The Institute for Simulation and Training (IST).
We were under contract to STRICOM to prototype a system for corps
engineers to train on berms and crater soil management.

We used a spline surface server to manage the terrain.
Our underlying soil model picked up and processed DIS terrain packets
and updated the spline server.
The visuals subscribed to the spline server for modified areas (axially
aligned) then re-tesselated in real-time.
This was in the days of Performer before flux buffers (i.e.,
frame-to-frame data propogation).
The internal scenegraph was static in topology, but the underlying
geometry actually triple buffered and numericlly moved as it was
This allowed for DT as well as Continuous Level of Detail (CTLOD).
Unfortunately, I ran out of time to do some form of smoothing.
Hence, the crater and soil settling visually popped from one state to
the next as new data was processed.

I believe Jenny Zhao had subsequently developed a form of DT in
This would be good to look at.


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Hi all,
I need help in creating runtime craters (cause by explosion event), are
there any examples?


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