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James Killian James_Killian at hotmail.com
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Thanks for response... I'll look into that... but first there is a bigger problem with osgviewer.  I'll have to double check, but by default the Applications osgviewer and osgViewer (dll) writing the same pdb file to the same place, and guess which one get overwritten (No windows does not allow case sensitive duplicate files)...  Yep the DLL one, the one I need to see in my call stack crash.  Grrrr 

I think the Application osgviewer project name should be renamed, or these .exe files build their pdbs to a different folder (preferably renamed).  Can someone verify this is a legitimate problem... thanks.

James Killian
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  On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 10:40 PM, James Killian <James_Killian at hotmail.com> wrote:

    Hmmm no one has responded... I can figure out where in cmake to make the change, if I add it would anyone have any objections?
    (If no one responds... I'll assume its fine to add)

  I believe you'll want to have a look at the INSTALL(FILES...) and/or ADD_CUSTOM_COMMAND(TARGET foo POST_BUILD COMMAND) commands as possibilities.  If you end up needing ADD_CUSTOM_COMMAND consider using "cmake -E copy_if_different" instead of "copy".  I'm out of town and don't have access to a VS development environment otherwise I think I could come up with something for you.

  This may also not be a bad feature to add to CMake itself if simply deploying the PDB files alongside the debug DLL file buys you this functionality.

  Philip Lowman 


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