[osg-users] osgviewerQT, qt4.4.0 and .osg file

Norman Vine nhv at cape.com
Thu Jul 10 04:43:29 PDT 2008

Johan Nouvel writes:
> Bingo ! I've modified Geometry.cpp to print out vertices 
> before and after modification by osg::Field::getFloat and the 
> result is a troncation of the float, only integer part is 
> interpreted. You're right.
> What is the complexity of coding custom atof ?
> Is the hypothesis that '.' is a separator ? It means also 
> controling osg output to write a '.' instead of ','.
> Or do you prefer that osg file can be with a ',' or a '.' as 
> integer/decimal separator ?
> In first, I will see how to force QT local to C.
> But if I it is not to heavy to do custom atof, I'll try to do 
> it as I think this way is better.

GDAL had a similar issue

Here is their custom atof() with some discussion of the issues


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