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Frauciel Luc L.Frauciel at brgm.fr
Thu Jul 10 00:43:51 PDT 2008

I've done something like that.
Each time I change the text, I recompute the geometry (quad) based on the Text's Drawable getBound().
It works for plane aligned text (xy, xz or yz). If you want to do that for screen aligned text, you'll probably have to look osgText code to have the exact size of the Text in screen coordinates.
I would not use a billboard in your case, since you'll find difficult to have a billboard with a center of rotation that match with your text (especially if the text is dynamic). Try of quad in a HUD, with screen coordinates extracted from your text, and something smart with z-buffer parameters to have your text over your quad :)

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	Just a little up
	No one has ever tried to put a background on a osgText ?  
	2008/7/9 Vincent Bourdier <vincent.bourdier at gmail.com>:

		Hi all,
		I'm looking at a way to put a geometry (planar surface) as background of an osgText...
		I was thinking on a mix between billboard geode, and something else to manage the geometry to have the size constant in screen coordinates... but no way to do it as simply as osgText !
		Is there any implementation approaching what I intend to do ? I hope yes...
		Am I obliged to implement my self something from zero ? any idea to do it more faster ?
		Is it interesting for OSG to have this as a new feature for osgText::text ?


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