[osg-users] RE : multitextureing coordinates

Ulrich Hertlein u.hertlein at sandbox.de
Wed Jul 9 23:36:24 PDT 2008

Peter Wraae Marino wrote:
> Yea doing it using a shader is easier and more flexible, but is there a 
> reason why we don't get access to do multitexture coordinates?
> Jasons suggestion: osg::Geometry::setTexCoordArray() is not for 
> multitexture coordinates, so I can't really use that.

Yes, Geometry::setTexCoordArray(unsigned int unit,Array*) is *exactly* for 
multi-texture coordinates (one array per texture unit).  They are fed to 
glMultiTexCoord internally.

Unless you're looking for something else entirely?  As was already mentioned, it 
doesn't work with ShapeDrawables.


>         I have create simple quad using osg::Geometry and I would like
>         to apply multitextering to it.
>         I'm missing a way to set " glMultiTexCoord" using OpenSceneGraph.
>         Is there a way one can set glMultiTexCoord?

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