[osg-users] Extract an embedded texture from an .ive

冯晨 forrestgump at 126.com
Wed Jul 9 19:25:11 PDT 2008

 oh, by the way, I noticed that robert had mentioned the osgUtil::Optimizer::TextureVisitor, that should be better than mine, but I have not try, :)


在2008-07-09 21:32:46,Doug <taecmcpt at comcast.net> 写道:
>I have a model in .ive format with an embedded texture. I need to bring 
>the model into 3dsMax to work on it. I can use osgconv to convert it to 
>one of several different formats that Max can import (obj, dae, etc.), 
>but I also need the texture that is embedded. Can anyone point me in the 
>right direction as to how to extract a texture that is embedded in an 
>.ive file?
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