[osg-users] RE : multitextureing coordinates

Franclin Foping fsfoping at yahoo.fr
Wed Jul 9 16:27:25 PDT 2008

Hi Peter,
 I have addressed this issue in my tutorial entitled "Tutorial 7: Texturing, multitexturing and positioning objects " (http://www.openscenegraph.org/projects/osg/attachment/wiki/Support/Tutorials/Tuto7.zip).
 For your information, please note that it is not possible to apply a multitexturing on built-in shape drawable objects as texture coordinates are not accessible to coders. The easiest way around this problem will be to use shaders. Again, I have achieved this in tutorial 14. 
 All these tutorials are available in the official webpage in the Tutorial section. ''Yet Another Set of Beginner Tutorials'
 Hope to have answered your question.

Peter Wraae Marino <osghelp at gmail.com> a écrit : Hi users,
 I have create simple quad using osg::Geometry and I would like to apply multitextering to it.
 I'm missing a way to set "glMultiTexCoord" using OpenSceneGraph. 
 Is there a way one can set glMultiTexCoord?
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