[osg-users] osg file format BUG

Paul Martz pmartz at skew-matrix.com
Wed Jul 9 07:43:07 PDT 2008

> Thanks for the clarification, and as I mentioned the  
> StateAttributes OVERRIDE/PROTECTED works for .ive formats. 
> Knowing that .osg has these kinds of limitations, might save 
> you a few frustrating moments.

I think it's incorrect to characterize this as a "limitation" of the .osg
format. The .osg format is quite capable of supporting this. It is simply an
unimplemented feature or bug. If this is inhibiting your work with OSG, you
could track it down and fix it.

> Are you aware of any other properties that the .osg fiel 
> format does not support in contradiction to the .ive format?

One I just discovered: The new setNestRenderBins() StateSet value is not
saved in .osg -- and it's also not in .ive. The person who submitted this
feature simply failed to implement either .osg or .ive support.

As Robert said, the code for writing .osg and .ive are separate, so it is
probable that the two sets of supported features are distinct. Ideally, they
would support an identical set of functionality. Robert's idea to replace
these plugins with new code that supports both binary and ASCII output is a
possible solution.

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