[osg-users] osg and wxwidgets resizing

Ulrich Hertlein u.hertlein at sandbox.de
Tue Jul 8 16:29:17 PDT 2008


James Dickson wrote:
> I have been trying out osg with wxwidgets, specifically playing with the 
> osgViewerWX sample, and was wondering if it is possible
> to somehow maintain rendering whilst the wxFrame is resized. At the 
> moment when the wxFrame is made bigger the rendering area
> is not redrawn until the next idle event, meaning it looks like the app 
> has failed in someway (obviously it hasn't) until it is updated.

Are you on Windows?  I found that the behaviour of wx is rather different on 
different platforms.  E.g. Linux does redraw while resizing and also while a 
menu is open, MacOS X does not.

Does anyone have experience running wxWidgets with OpenGL draw in a separate thread?


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