[osg-users] how to disable zbuffer

Paul Martz pmartz at skew-matrix.com
Tue Jul 8 09:12:39 PDT 2008

> I think it is important to say that disabling GL_DEPTH_TEST 
> as Matthew said disables all writings to the depth buffer 
> whereas using GL_ALWAYS as depth function, as Jean-Sébastien 
> and Brian said, doesn't. Using one or the other way depends 
> on the specific need for passing the test.

Well-said. And I think this is a good opportunity to remind people,
especially users new to OSG, that they should familiarize themselves with
OpenGL by obtaining either the Red Book (OpenGL Programming Guide) or the
Blue Book (OpenGL Reference Manual). There are many other good OpenGL books
available, and a quick search for "OpenGL" at amazon.com will list several.
(Shameless plug: "OpenGL Distilled", for example.)

OpenGL knowledge is really a prerequisite for using OSG.

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