[osg-users] how to disable zbuffer

Alberto Luaces aluaces at udc.es
Tue Jul 8 09:02:40 PDT 2008


El Martes 08 Julio 2008ES 17:18:44 Jean-Sébastien Guay escribió:
> > You just need to disable GL_DEPTH_TEST for the desired object(s).
> or
>    stateSet->setAttributeAndModes(new osg::Depth(osg::Depth::ALWAYS),
>        osg::StateAttribute::ON);

I think it is important to say that disabling GL_DEPTH_TEST as Matthew said 
disables all writings to the depth buffer whereas using GL_ALWAYS as depth 
function, as Jean-Sébastien and Brian said, doesn't. Using one or the other 
way depends on the specific need for passing the test.


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