[osg-users] 回复: Re: osg2.5.2 and CEGUI 0.6.1 ?

小 杨 ygwbjut at yahoo.com.cn
Sun Jul 6 05:48:21 PDT 2008

But now we need a transpance  windows GUI designed and integrate with osg 2.4 or osg2.5 ,Which is  best choice?? 

Robert Osfield <robert.osfield at gmail.com> 写道:  2008/7/6 小 杨 :
> I use osg2.5.2 ,in example directory I'm not found osgcegui example.
> if osg2.5.2 support CEGUI0.6.1,please give me some url link or examples!

Please don't use CEGUI with the OSG, CEGUI is very poorly suited for
an API as flexible and scalable as the OSG.

Please check out osgWidgets, a native OSG nodekit that is planned to
be merged with core OSG.

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