[osg-users] Problems with loading model in OSG 2.2

Gordon Tomlinson gordon at gordon-tomlinson.com
Sat Jul 5 15:53:02 PDT 2008

It is Expected for Release to be much faster than debug, that is normal,
your difference though is quite high 

What is causing the difference is hard to say when one does not have access
to your system but is could be

Some things to consider

0) Search the mailing list archives to see if any past topic may shed some
light on your issue

1) Your are picking up older libraries   ( keep you path as simple as
possible, use project settings to find libs rather than $PATH envs )

2) Your mixing libs/ dll's built with different compilers ( you need to hae
all your libs built using the same compiler)

3) your mixing release/debug libraries

4) Your not building your debug libraries Multi-threaded /MDd

5) On Windows you have STL iteration debugging turned on (this can hurt a

6) your running in single threaded mode when running debug

7) you have a bad build, try a full clean and full rebuild

8) Turn on all exceptions, see if your throwing a lot for some reason

9) Check the OpenGl Vendor string to ensure you're not picking up Microsoft
software driver for some reason

Gordon Tomlinson 

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I updated driver and the error didn't appear anymore.
But I only loaded a simple box and the performance's still very low.
When I run in debug mode, the frame rate is just 18-30 fps
And in release mode, it's much better, about 600 fps
I don't understand what's the problem!
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