[osg-users] Update Optimization

James Killian James_Killian at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 4 19:47:45 PDT 2008

Speaking of the timing stats, I've been using the stat class with our game 
and it looks like so:

||  <-- event
 | | <--  update
               ?      |     cull |
                                  |  Draw 
---  gpu--- |                                             |          gpu 

The interesting thing about this is that there is a space gap between the 
update and the cull.  Not sure yet if this is due to sleep or due to code 
In the worse case all these bars are spread out where there are gaps in 
between each (I'm guessing cpu workload).

James Killian
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> Opps typo...
> You *haven't* said anything about what you do in the
> update other that update positions.
> You need to provide us with far more info about what you are doing,
> including actual timing stats on the operations.
> Robert.
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