[osg-users] Borland Builder C++ 5.0 compiler support?

Philip Taylor philipjt at ntlworld.com
Fri Jul 4 17:51:52 PDT 2008

Why use BB5?

OSG compiles with the free Visual Studio 2008 Express, which just needs to
be downloaded from a Microsoft website. VS WinForms is based on BB5 so you
would not feel so out of your depth. Only with difficulty will you get OSG
to build with VS6, and I suspect it will be even harder with BB5. Is it even
worth the effort, when you will probably spend more time trying to get OSG
to build with BB5 than developing your application? BB5 is quite old and not
compatible with Vista (like VS6). There may also be isues with templates.

There is a shareware application, called Trans-Form-Matic, which will
translate BB5 .dfm GUI files into WinForms, so I recommend you take the
plunge and save your sanity.


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  Can I compile/work with OpenSceneGraph in Borland Builder C++ 5.0?

  P.S. If the answer is yes ,I wonder if someone has succeded to integrate
and work with it in BB5 or I'm going to be first...?


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