[osg-users] Issue with Model Display in OSG with VR Juggler

Doug McCorkle mccdo at iastate.edu
Thu Jul 3 09:26:15 PDT 2008

On Jul 3, 2008, at 11:06 AM, Abhishek Seth wrote:

> Hi !
> I am having problems with how models look when loaded in my  
> Application. I am using OSGNav Sample program from VR Juggler 2.2.1  
> with OSG 2.4.  Juggler uses osgUtil::SceneView but does not use  
> osgViewer::.
> When I load the file in OsgViewer it looks great; however in  
> Juggler's OSGNav it looks awful (the colors get washed out). I  
> suspect this is related to how Juggler is handling the Materials and  
> Lighting while rendering the model.  I have spent a fair amount of  
> time working through osgviewer.exe in the debuger to try to  
> determine the what it is doing with lighting.  It seems to set up  
> multiple lights and calls into the light::apply each frame.  Juggler  
> sets up a sigle light and never calls into the light::apply after  
> the initial set up.  Before I investigate this further I thought I'd  
> asked the list since I have the suspicion that is this something  
> simple and someone might recognive the issue my just looking at a  
> few screen shots.  I have attached screenshots for both Juggler's  
> OSGNav & OSGViewer and also the osg file them self.  Furthermore, I  
> have also included a simple model of a cube that demonstrates the  
> same effect.

I imagine this has something to do with how the light is being setup.  
I would try using different settings in the:


or setup your own light:


Here is what your data looks like in my VR Juggler / OSG app.


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