[osg-users] Problems with loading model in OSG 2.2

Jean-Sébastien Guay jean-sebastien.guay at cm-labs.com
Wed Jul 2 06:19:25 PDT 2008

Hello Ricky,

> I still can't solve this problem:
> Error: [screen #0] ChooseMatchingPixelFormat() - Unable to choose the
> requested pixel format

Your message is missing some info we need in order to help you, and 
there are some things you could do to try and troubleshoot yourself.

What is your hardware, OS, compiler, etc? Are you using the OSG binaries 
from http://www.mew.cx/osg/ or did you compile OSG from source? Are you 
using the 3rdParty binaries from http://www.mew.cx/osg/ or did you 
compile them from source?

If you run osgviewer cow.osg, does it give the same error? Or rather, if 
you want an equivalent test, try:

osgviewer --window 32 32 512 512 cow.osg

If that works, your code should also work. If not, perhaps the info 
above will help us zero in on the problem.

Jean-Sebastien Guay    jean-sebastien.guay at cm-labs.com

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