[osg-users] Dramatic increase in event traversal time during mouse movement

MichaelBach michael.bach.jensen at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 01:23:11 PDT 2008

This only happens in SingleThreaded mode, btw. Switching to any of the
multi-threaded modes fixes the problem.

I am the victim of the multithreaded, nvidia, multi-monitor bug, so I
have to start the viewer with --SingleThreaded...

I am on OSG 2.4, btw, and running in release mode.


On Jul 2, 10:12 am, "Michael Bach Jensen"
<michael.bach.jen... at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello, group!
> I was looking at the nice statshandler graphics in osgViewer.exe, and
> noticed a dramatic increase in the time spent in the event traversal
> stage when the mouse was moved (goes from 0.02ms to around 8ms).
> Strangely enough, rotating the view by dragging with the mouse, almost does not
> increase the event traversal time (goes to 0.04ms). Has anyone else noticed this
> behavior and have an idea on whats going on? I am working on project
> in Delta3D and first noticed it there, but since the same happens in
> osgViewer.exe on a separate installation, I thought I'd ask here!
> I am on Windows XP and was looking at the cow, btw!
> Sincerely,
> Michael
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