[osg-users] Performance hit caused by porting from VS 7.1 to VS 9

Paul Martz pmartz at skew-matrix.com
Tue Jul 1 14:45:08 PDT 2008

Do you get the same behavior if you generate fresh VS9 project files with
cmake, instead of generating VS7.1 files and converting them? I'm not sure
this will have any effect, but it seems like it might be worth a shot...


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Hello All,
We have succesfully ported from OSG 1.2 to the newest SVN version (well,
almost newest, I think we are on 8512 at the moment).  Thanks again for all
the fantastic forum support.
We have been using VS 7.1 for all of our work so far, but since we were
missing a well build freetype library, I figured it was time to make the
jump there as well.  I downloaded VS 9 express and ran CMake to build OSG.
All built just fine.  The converter in VS 9 converted all of the projects
without fuss, and I was able to get it all compiling and running pretty
easily.  Unfortunately, I am seeing this 30% drop in framerate :(.  I was
seeing about 28-30 fps (yes, I know, I have some scene optimizing to do)
with the VS 7.1 build, which dropped to 20-21 fps using VS 9 express.
Has anyone seen anything like that before?  Am I missing some setting
somewhere?  Perhaps the converter in VS 9 does not like me?

Any ideas?

-- Thanks
>> Rick
Check us out at http://fringe-online.com/

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