[osg-users] Rendering to multiple graphics cards

Joakim Simonsson joakim at autosim.no
Tue Jul 1 09:31:32 PDT 2008

On Tue, 01 Jul 2008 17:59:59 +0200, Bob Balfour <bob at bal4.com> wrote:

> Joakim Simonsson wrote:
>> On Tue, 01 Jul 2008 00:34:09 +0200, Bob Balfour <bob at bal4.com> wrote:
>>> The scene achieves 60Hz at times, but feels choppy, and I notice the  
>>> middle two GPUs at times show long orange bars, which are killing the  
>>> 60Hz rate.
>> This is probably obvious for you, but the "fancy" aero rendering is  
>> turned off, right?
> I set the theme to "windows classic", which I assumed would do away with  
> the aero stuff (with no discernible difference), but is there something  
> else to specifically turn off?

No, with turning aero "off", I meant to switch to classic. When having  
aero on, i have discovered that osgviewer reports 60hz, but the real frame  
rate i clearly bellow 60hz.

>>> or 2 double-wide screens (screen 0 & 2, each set to 2880x900). Note  
>>> that in the Vista display settings all 4 screens are set up as 1 big  
>>> "extended desktop".
>> How do you configure "extended desktop" in Vista? I mean, microsoft (or  
>> nvidia) has removed the horizontal/vertical span possibility. But if I  
>> understand you correctly, there is a possibility to "fool" vista, so it  
>> believes your multiple monitors is only one monitor with a very large  
>> resolution?
> rt.click desktop->Personalize->Display Settings (Monitor tab) shows 4  
> monitors that you can select, then check the "Extend the desktop onto  
> this monitor" box.

So if you have 4 1024x768 monitors. Can you make Vista believe that you  
have ONE 2048x1536 or 4096x768 monitor? (as with nvidia's  
vertical/horizontal span)

> rotates with a discernible choppiness.  Is Microsoft punishing me for  
> disabling dwm?

That is strange.

Joakim Simonsson

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