[osg-users] OSG & FOX-toolkit

Elbers, H.P. H.P.Elbers at boskalis.nl
Thu Jul 31 05:30:48 PDT 2008

Hi All,
I implemented a widget to use OSG in combination with the FOX-toolkit.
It is like /examples/osgviewerFOX/ (that is where I picked some parts),
but a bit simpler to use (simple widget, no MDI (multiple document
It is two small classes (tested with FOX-1.6 and OSG-2.6rc1)
FXOSGCanvas: public FXGLCanvas, public osgViewer::GraphicsWindow
FXOSGView : public FXWindow, public osgViewer::Viewer
If anybody is interested, I can post or submit the code (no cmakefile
Hans Elbers

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