[osg-users] Getting a TextureObject into a Texture2D

Steffen Kim mailto.stk at web.de
Tue Jul 29 08:28:09 PDT 2008


I'm a little lost on creating an osg::Texture2D from an OpenGL-texture-ID I have.

I tried to do this by creating an TextureObject with
osg::Texture::TextureObject* tObject = new osg::Texture::TextureObject(_ilaceData.renderTextureID, GL_TEXTURE_2D);

But now I'm stuck when it comes to putting this TextureObject into the Texture2D I want to use to display it.

The usage of getTextureObject wasn't successful (I get a blank texture) so I would be very happy if anyone can give me a hint on how to do this.
It seems like a quite strange questions to me and I guess I'm overlooking some simple function but I cannot find anything in the documentation.

Thanks a lot,
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