[osg-users] DIVERSE BOF at SIGGRAPH, Aug 13, 10:30AM

Steve Satterfield steve at nist.gov
Mon Jul 28 19:38:51 PDT 2008


Wednesday, August 13
10:30 - 11:30 am
Los Angeles Convention Center
Room 501A

DIVERSE-Flexible Source VE API

DIVERSE is a cross-platform, open source, API for developing virtual reality
applications that can run almost anywhere. DIVERSE currently runs on Linux, 
X and Windows. The goal of DIVERSE is to enable developers to quickly build
applications that will run on the desktop as well as various immersive
systems. To avoid hindering development DIVERSE is designed without the
"center of the universe" paradigm; you only use the parts of DIVERSE that you
need. This approach allows DIVERSE to interact with many other APIs and
toolkits like, OpenGL, OpenSceneGraph, VTK and Coin.

BOF Agenda

   1 - John Kelso, Steve Satterfield
       Scientific Applications and Visualization Group, NIST

          Introduction and Overview of DIVERSE

   2 - John Kelso
       Scientific Applications and Visualization Group, NIST

          Description and laptop based demonstration of NIST research using
 	 DIVERSE based visualization to do virtual measurement

   3 - Dr. Marc Olano
       Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, UMBC
       Scientific Applications and Visualization Group, NIST

          Using Vertex Shaders on the GPU for flip-book style animations

   4 - Questions/Discussion

For more information about the BOF, please contact:
         Steve Satterfield: steve at nist.gov
         John Kelso: kelso at nist.gov

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