[osg-users] Optimizing for CAD Data

Todd J. Furlong todd at inv3rsion.com
Mon Jul 28 09:57:08 PDT 2008

Hi folks,

We deal with a lot of CAD data that has been translated to OSG, and I am 
looking into ways to enhance the performance in OSG.

One issue we are facing is that the CAD data is very poorly organized 
with regards to the cull process.  We had hoped that the "spatialize 
groups" optimization would help us out, but our problem seems to go 
deeper than that.  Depending on the source of our data, we get Geodes 
containing numerous Drawables that are spread throughout the scene (all 
instances of one part under one Geode).  As I understand the spatialize 
optimization, it reorganizes Geodes but doesn't go to the Drawable level.

So, the idea now is to insert Geodes & enforce a rule of one Drawable 
per Geode to give the optimizer a chance to succeed.  Does that sound 
like it would work in our situation?

Assuming the idea makes sense, would it be of value to the community if 
we try to implement this as one of the osgUtil::Optimizer options?  If 
so, would it make sense as an improvement to the "spatialize groups" 
option, or would it be better as an option unto itself?


Todd J. Furlong
Inv3rsion, LLC

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