[osg-users] Texturing issues second window

Scott Angster Scott.R.Angster at nasa.gov
Mon Jul 28 07:12:53 PDT 2008


We are seeing an interesting problem that we can not track down.
Several previous postings have been similar but not quite what we are
seeing.  We are hoping someone can point us in a possible direction to
find a solution.

We have an OSG/QT application using multiple windows with views into the
same scene graph.  We use multiple instances of the Viewer to do this.
We are seeing issues in the second/third/etc window for models loaded in
containing textures.  The textures do not load and we get "Warning:
detected OpenGL error 'invalid enumerant' after applying attribute
Texture2D" when the second window is opened. 

However if we create an object at runtime, say a sphere, and apply a
texture to it, the second/third/etc window do not have problems with it.
If we save out the node we created to an IVE file and reload it, the
problem is there.

I have tried to duplicate this problem using the osgviewer QT example
such that I have a simpler code base to work with, and I can't.  I have
made this example more complex, adding features to it to replicate our
code (HUD, textured background, our update loop for updating dynamic
transform nodes and camera positioning, our state settings, thread
settings, etc).

We seem to have an issue with PagedLOD too in our application for the
second/third windows.  I hope this issue is related so if we focus on
the texture problem, maybe the other will be solved.

We are using OSG 2.4 and currently QT 3.3 (hope to be moving to 4.X
soon).  We are seeing this on both our Linux and Windows machines.

Thanks for any suggestions or insight into this.


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