[osg-users] OSX X11 build

Eric Sokolowsky esok.osg at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 14:33:12 PDT 2008

I've been away from OSG for a few weeks (vacations, other projects, etc) but
I have some time to get back to it. I'm encountering trouble building OSG
with X11 because CMake can't find GL/glx.h. I'm going to keep banging away
at this, but if anyone offhand knows how to get CMake to find the file in
the right place, please let me know. This header file is needed to compile
osgViewer (the library, not the application).

I intend to get this resolved before Robert releases OSG 2.6. I'm also
trying to see if the X11 build will support 64-bit, which the Carbon build
will not.

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