[osg-users] World Coordinates

Kim C Bale K.Bale at hull.ac.uk
Fri Jul 25 08:22:18 PDT 2008

I'm trying to work out the world coordinates of vertices in my shader,
and I'd like to check my understanding of a few things.


At the moment I manually go through the graph and grabbing the
transformations en-route to the target geode and create the matrix
myself, pass this to the shader, and multiply it by gl_Vertex. That
seems to work fine, although it does involve a lot of faffing. 


However I noticed a couple of handy things already built into OSG.


The first is getWorldMatrices; If I call
root->getWorldMatrices(targetGeode) does this achieve the same as above?
Accumulate the transformation matrices up to that geode and form a


The second is osg_ViewMatrixInverse. If I simply form a matrix from
osg_ViewMatrixInverse * gl_ModelViewMatrix does this not give me the
same matrix? 


I hope that makes sense, thanks for your help.





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