[osg-users] Render to texture and ClearColor

David _ solid_davidian at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 24 04:42:35 PDT 2008


i´m currently rendering to a texture using a slave camera

my problem is that i can´t set the clear color to alpha. Each time the slave camera renders a new frame i get a nice blue background instead of the transparent background i´m looking for

i´ve tried with values of 0.0, 0.5 add 1.0 for alpha



camera->setColorMask(true, true, true, true);

i´ve created the texture2d attached to the camera from and osg::image with GL_RGBA and GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE formats and also i´ve tried by creating the texture2d with no parameters and setting later the texture->setInternalFormat(GL_RGBA)

any idea of what i´m doing wrong???

thanks in advance

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