[osg-users] projects using OSG that appear on the web

David _ solid_davidian at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 23 04:51:29 PDT 2008

Hi, i´ve seen that there are some projects that use OSG, announced on the OSG website

we´ve been working in a project for a year right now and we´re interested in showing it to as much people as we can. 

my boss asked me if it was possible to link our project from the  OSG website, so that´s why i´m writing this

what do i need to do in order to see my project on the osg website??? i guess i should supply a little description and a pair of screenshots

we have our own website, take a look if you´re interested -->> www.capaware.org  (english-spanish)

the screenshots are 3-4 months old and things look a little better now

thanks in advance

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