[osg-users] Shifting OpenSceneGraph-2.6 to early August release

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 13:07:34 PDT 2008

Hi All,

My plan was to make the OpenSceneGraph-2.6 stable release, and to
achieve this I would have needed to got to feature freeze and get
release candidates out by this point for final testing.  Alas, the
ImageSequence work is taking longer than I hoped, as I was hoping to
squeeze it in over the weekend/Monday, but didn't complete yesterday,
and today I've mostly been fixing Texture bugs in the OSG that this
new code flushed out of hiding and haven't been able to wrap the
ImageSequence work up.  It is of course now Tuesday evening (UK time),
and I'm not going to be able to dev release out with the code tonight,
let along a feature freeze and stable release candidate.

Rather than pretend that everything will just work out last minute, I
have to raise my hands, and declare that getting 2.6 out this week is
no longer feasible - and also take personal responsibility for pushing
one to many last minute features in, as it's this that has pushed
outside the immediate release window.

Normally I would just let the release run into the following week, but
from Saturday morning I'm away on holiday with my family for a week,
so this won't be possible.  I'll be back for a 3 day week on 4th to
6th August, then away again till Wednesday 13th August, so the next
possible release data would be the 4-6th of August, but Siggraph is
the following week so this might be difficult for some who would
normally be pitching in with the release, and failing this window
we'll be into mid August.

Working on the assumption that we'll be able to get a feature frozen,
OpenSceneGraph-2.6 branch and a first release candidate made this
week, I'd suggest just letting it be testing through the week.
Hopefully be the end of the week we'll have a few more engineers with
write access to the branch part of OSG svn, so build fixes etc could
be made while I'm away.  Then one my return I'll be nicely refreshed,
and the OSG will be in a better shape that it's ever been thanks to a
whole weeks of testing and fixing :-)

Then all I'll need to do on my 3 day week is tag OpenSceneGraph-2.6 stable ;-)

Does it sound like a plan?


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