[osg-users] Did getDataFilePathList moved?

Ariasgore ariasgore at gmx.de
Tue Jul 22 09:44:48 PDT 2008

I am doing the tutorials on the osg page and I am stuck while using the 
osgDB::FilePathList. Did the methods
getDataFilePathList and setDataFileList move? I can only find a 
getDataFilePathList in the osg:DB::Registry, but using this as in the 
osgDB::FilePathList pathList = osgDB::Registry::getDataFilePathList();
Returns me an error->
Error	1	error C2668: 'osgDB::Registry::getDataFilePathList' : ambiguous call 
to overloaded function	in "files.cpp"	36

Using osgDB::getDataFilePathList() as mentioned here 
leaves me with an
"Error	1	error C2039: 'getDataFilePathList' : is not a member of 'osgDB'	in 
files.cpp	36"


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