[osg-users] OverlayNode

Lenny F. Halseth LennyH at avi.com
Tue Jul 22 08:37:28 PDT 2008

I have recently begun an upgrade process that involves OSG.  The project
I am on makes use of Delta3D, which makes heavy use of OSG.
In a previous version, we derived a class from OverlayNode for our own
purposes.  However, with the recent version of OSG, some of the members
accessed do not appear to be accessible.  Most of the things touched are
now contained in the OverlayData structure. The class touches _texture,
_texgenNode, _texture, _textureFrustrum, _mainSubraphStateSet, which now
results in an error from not being able to access.
How should I go about gaining access to these, or, what should I
consider for an alternative to deriving from OverlayNode?
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