[osg-users] Compiling from XCode 3.0 with 10.5 SDK

Frank van Meurs Frank.vanMeurs at cs.uu.nl
Tue Jul 22 03:05:45 PDT 2008


I'm currently trying to compile OpenSceneGraph for use on my mac,  
running Leopard, through the supplied XCode project. Reading through  
the release notes, I noticed the 10.4 vs 10.5 warnings, concerning the  
GLenum type. Seeing as I only need OSG on my own mac, I then tried to  
build it with 10.5 as a deployment target, using the 10.5 SDK.

However, as I don't know a great deal about XCode (yet), I would like  
to have something verified. While inspecting the dependencies for OSG  
in the targets and building OSG, I noticed that, although specifying "/ 
Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.5.sdk" as the "Base SDK Path" and "Mac OS X  
10.5" as the "Mac OS X Deployment Target" in the "AllStandardTargets"  
target, this doesn't seem to propagate to all the prerequisite  
targets. My question therefore is, should this be the case, i.e.  
should all the prerequisite targets also have these settings, or will  
this implicitly propagate (this doesn't seem to be the case as  
compiling osgdb_qt triggers warnings from deprecated code in the  

Thanks in advance!


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