[osg-users] Old wiki is _still_ indexed by Google

Paul Melis paul at science.uva.nl
Tue Jul 22 00:55:00 PDT 2008


After seeing the latest 'test svn' announcement and seeing the word 
'osgexp' I got curious wether that was indeed referring to the 3D max 
exporter. A search in Google returns as first hit a link to the old 
pmwiki, sigh :-/

Obviously the robots.txt put on openscenegraph.org is not helping 
removing those entries from Google. Perhaps its time to rename the php 
script to something else then at least Google with get a 404 next time 
it tries to index the old wiki. The links should then disappear at some 


Robert Osfield wrote:
> FYI, I've pushed the ImageSequence work ahead of 2.6 as hopefully code
> that'll be using it can get integrated with osgExp, without getting
> this in now osgExp would have to target a non stable release to be
> able to integrate the improvements.  The osgExp changes aren't mine
> though, so please don't ask questions and expect answers.. I'll have
> to defer to those developing the changes to pass them on in time.

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