[osg-users] OpenSceneGraph visualization driver for Geant4

Charles Cossé ccosse at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 15:22:13 PDT 2008


I am developing a driver to integrate Geant4 (
http://geant4.web.cern.ch/geant4/ ) with OpenSceneGraph.  It is
currently not part of either system, but hopefully it can become part
of one, of both, soon.

It allows you to build Geant4 applications which use OpenSceneGraph
for rendering, and (optionally) either Motif or wxWidget widgets.  At
this point the G4OSGSceneHandler is only partially implemented. The
focus so-far has been getting the various graphics systems involved to
coexist nicely.

By posting this I am hoping to find other people interested to help
with developemnt.

There is currently a webpage with info and downloadable package here:

Charles Cosse
AsymptopiaSoftware | Software at theLimit

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