[osg-users] Problems resizing the screen

Hugo Gomes mr.hugo.gomes at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 10:17:03 PDT 2008


im having problems resizing the screen.

I start up a osgViewer::Viewer, with a menu scene for the user to select a
proper resolution before simulation starts.
When the user presses "start" in the menu, i set the done flag to true (to
escape the main loop), resize the screen (if necessary), set scene data with
a loader, setup the viewport with the resolution, and adjust the modelview
for the given aspect ratio, and set the done flag to false and enterin again
in the loop (viewer->frame()).

To resize im using the osg::GraphicsContext::WindowingSystemInterface. Which
works fine. The problem is the output i get whenever i choose a different
resolution than the one im using:


What is happening ? Am i forgeting something ?

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