[osg-users] algoanimation: OSG Demo Application

Vijay Patil vijay.patil at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 05:37:26 PDT 2008


I have been learning OSG Quick Start Guide and class documentation. I would
like share a demo application (version 0.1) using OSG and get some feedback.

This application allows you to visualize different algorithms (example:
sorting) and data structures (example: binary search tree). You can see how
they work. Hopefully this will help understand the algorithms easily, and

You could download/review the source code from download section. Any
feedback is welcome. I would like to dedicate this demo app to OSG
developers (for this fantastic software) and specifically to Paul Martz for
the quick start guide.

Perhaps I should add a link to tutorial section in OSG wiki.

Vijay Patil
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