[osg-users] PrecipitationEffect not updating

Murray Curtis murray at dragtag.com.au
Thu Jul 17 18:23:43 PDT 2008

I'm having trouble getting osgParticle::PrecipitationEffect to update. I 
get particles that just sit stationary in mid air but they do die (fade 
off) after a few seconds.

I added an update callback to the precipitation node and can confirm its 
getting a valid (updating) framestamp.

I'm using a composite viewer with two views in a shared graphics 
context. I don't use the viewers run() method but I do run an update 
traversal ( _primaryRoot.get()->accept(updateVisitor);) as confirmed by 
the callback above.

Is there another part of the update I'm missing?

A trivial test program:

     precipitationEffect = new osgParticle::PrecipitationEffect;

works perfectly.

I'm using OSG 2.5.4 on Linux.

Any pointers much appreciated.

Murray Curtis
Tag Systems

(Irony: We're in the worst drought in Australia's recorded history and 
its raining for real outside...)

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