[osg-users] Two warnings in osgWidgets

Mario Valle mvalle at cscs.ch
Thu Jul 17 00:09:27 PDT 2008

 From this morning SVN on AMD 64 bits:

/users/mvalle/OSG/OpenSceneGraph/src/osgWidget/Window.cpp: In member function `void 
/users/mvalle/OSG/OpenSceneGraph/src/osgWidget/Window.cpp:413: warning: converting of 
negative value `-0x00000000000000001' to `unsigned int'
/users/mvalle/OSG/OpenSceneGraph/src/osgWidget/WindowManager.cpp: In member function 
`virtual void osgWidget::WindowManager::childRemoved(unsigned int, unsigned int)':
/users/mvalle/OSG/OpenSceneGraph/src/osgWidget/WindowManager.cpp:275: warning: converting 
of negative value `-0x00000000000000001' to `unsigned int'

The quickest fix is to change the type of _index in include osgWidgets/Window line 406 to int.

But from a quick look at the code I think setting _index to 0 instead of -1 is safe in 
those two places.

Could you look at this?

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