[osg-users] Freetype Plugin on Windows.

James Dickson james.dickson at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 17:02:08 PDT 2008

Hi All,

I appologise for bringing this up again :-( but I am stuck getting the
freetype plugin to work under windows. I found this thread (
the mail archive, but not being a CMake expert I don't understand what
need to do to make the freetype project appear in VS9.0.2 (vs2008). I have
all the other plugins successfully working.

I played with the CMake freetype options to see if I could make it work, but
failed misserably. To help I have the following directory structure:

|---- Build
      |---- 3rdParty (svn from
            |---- Include
                  |---- Freetype
                        |---- Config
                        |---- Internal
            |---- lib
            |---- Rest of svn repo
|---- Rest of OSG svn repo.

I appologise again for bringing it up, thank you for your help,
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